Sand Volleyball Rules

OSSC Co-ed 4’s Sand Volleyball Rules

Assumption of Risk – Olean Sports and Social Club

In consideration of my voluntary participation in an Olean Sports and Social Club league or event, I assume the inherent risks (potentially resulting in injury or death) related to the playing of this or any sport. I agree that I, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns indemnify and hold harmless the Olean Sports and Social Club, all involved organizers, staff, sponsors, and volunteers from all claims, actions, or liabilities (including reasonable attorney fees and costs) arising out of or relating to my participation in these organized activities.


Zero Tolerance Sportsmanship Policy

 Unsportsmanlike conduct or abusive behavior by players or spectators will not be tolerated. We are guests of facility we are using and will make certain not to abuse the grass or grounds outside of normal sports play or event activity. This is a recreational league for fun and local community building. If it is deemed by OSSC or its affiliates that players or spectators are becoming profane, violent, abusive, or otherwise unsportsmanlike, probation, suspension, team fines, or total elimination from the league may ensue. 

I understand that this is my first and only warning regarding unsportsmanlike behavior.


Teams are expected to police the behavior of their members for the entire duration of the season at hand regardless of whether or not they are currently playing. Any subject behavior in the stands, after games or at any later date anywhereOSSC members are assembled will be subject to the same penalties. Understand that if any member of a team or person known to beassociated directly with that team is ejected from the game, field, facility, or event for any violation or if a person is a constant source of controversy, THE ENTIRETEAM MAY BE SUBJECT TO PENALTY. 

Captains are expected to be the first line of prevention and expected to police their members. If you cannot control a person on or off the field,you are expected to remove them from theOSSCgame or event for the benefit of your team, fellow players, and for the good of the league. If not, your entireteam will suffer penalties. No exceptions.


 OSSC Co-ed 4’s Sand Volleyball Rules


General Rules

All players are encouraged to wear their OSSC team T-shirt during games.  If they do not choose to wear their T-shirt during play they must have it with them to be eligible to play.  No exception to this rule, no T-shirt, no playing. T-shirt is also required to be eligible for food and drink specials on game nights at the League Bar.

Alcohol consumption is allowable on game nights within the designated areas as long as all Hammerback Bar and Grill rules are adhered to, in addition to all federal, state, and local laws governing alcohol consumption.

Team Minimum Player Requirements

 Team Captains are encouraged to register at least 5 players for their team to have a substitute available. 

The minimum roster size required to sign up as a full team is 4 players and must include 1 female.

 Teams without a minimum of 3 players (including 1 female) on game night are subject to forfeit of games if enforced by opposing team captain.  If agreed to before starting by the opposing captain a team may play with as minimum 2 players, one must be a female.  If official games are forfeited the teams are allowed to use the court to play for fun during their allotted time.


Game Starts: 

 Home team as listed on schedule has first serve in Game 1.  First service is then alternated for Game 2 and if necessary Game 3.  Teams switch sides after each game and when first team reaches 7 points in game 3.


Serve Rules: 

Players must rotate around the court and remain in their position until the serve has been hit. The player in the back right will considered server until they have rotated out the position and next server is in place.

If a serve hits the net and goes over it is still a live serve and is considered playable as long as it lands in bounds. 

The serve can be made from anywhere behind the end line. 

The server must declare the score of the game before each serve. 

The server cannot step over the end line until the ball has been contacted. 


Live Play: 

It is illegal to set a serve, even if considered a perfect set. 

Each team may contact the ball 3 times to return it to the other team. Blocks don’t count as contact. 

All four players are considered front row and are allowed to attack the net to hit or block. 

If two players on the same team hit the ball at the same time it counts as one hit and any one may make the next contact.


Fair Contact: 

All ball contact is fair as long as the ball is not held and bounces right away. 

The ball cannot be held, lifted, rolled, pushed, carried, caught or thrown.


If the ball is contacted by the fingers of one or both hands in the direction of a teammate it is considered a set. When using both hands the ball must hit both hands at the same time to avoid a double hit call.



Players are not allowed to attack the ball over the opposing court. If a players hand crosses the net on a follow through swing it is not considered a fault as long as it does not hit an opposing player or the net.

All attacking hits must be made by breaking the wrist.
  No tipping of the ball over the net is allowed. 


Blocks are close to the net and stop the ball coming from the opposing side during or after the ball crosses the net. 

Players are allowed to make the next contact after making a block. 

No serve blocking or serve spiking. 

Blocking is allowed over the opposing net when the opposing team spikes, after their third hit or if the ball is falling close to the net and no one on the attacking team is in a position to keep the ball live. 


Near The Net: 

No part of the body is allowed to touch the net unless the net is moved toward the player by the ball or another player. 

A player is allowed under the net if no contact is made with the opposing team or the ball while on the opponent’s side of the net. 

It’s a double fault if the players from opposing teams hit the net at the same time. The point will be played over.


Game Scoring: 

During the regular season, matches are played best of 3 in a 40 minute time slot using Rally Scoring. 

Teams play 2 games to 17, win by 2, capped at 19. Third game will be played first to 15, switch side once first team reaches 7 points.  Team in the lead after 40 minutes will be declared the winner no additional serves can be taken after 40 minutes but a rally will continue until complete.  Stalling the 3rd game will result in a side out. The 40 minute time clock runs based on the scheduled start time of the game, not the time of the first serve, i.e. the 6:00 p.m. game time slot ends at 6:40.  

If winner has been decided and time remains on 40 minute clock, casual play is allowed. 

Once games are over please open up the courts to the next teams for their warm up period.


General Game Night Rules: 

All trash and litter must be properly disposed of at the end of your game.  No team is allowed to leave trash, empties, or recycling behind in the court area after their game.  

League will play rain or shine, extreme weather conditions may result in cancellation.  In the event of a rainout, notification will be posted on the league website, on the Olean Sports and Social Club Facebook page, and team captains will also be emailed by 4pm on Wednesday if there is a cancellation.  

Don’t Forget!!!   Everyone is encouraged to stay at Hammerback Bar and Grill after the games to socialize and enjoy food and drink specials. 



Playoff rules, schedules, and formats will be posted mid season.

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