OSSC Kickball Rules


Assumption of Risk – Olean Sports and Social Club

In consideration of my voluntary participation in an Olean Sports and Social Club league or event, I assume the inherent risks (potentially resulting in injury or death) related to the playing of this or any sport. I agree that I, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns indemnify and hold harmless the Olean Sports and Social Club, all involved organizers, staff, sponsors, and volunteers from all claims, actions, or liabilities (including reasonable attorney fees and costs) arising out of or relating to my participation in these organized activities.


Zero Tolerance Sportsmanship Policy 

Unsportsmanlike conduct or abusive behavior by players or spectators will not be tolerated. We are guests of facility we are using and will make certain not to abuse the grass or grounds outside of normal sports play or event activity. This is a recreational league for fun and local community building. If it is deemed by OSSC or its affiliates that players or spectators are becoming profane, violent, abusive, or otherwise unsportsmanlike, probation, suspension, team fines, or total elimination from the league may ensue.

I understand that this is my first and only warning regarding unsportsmanlike behavior.



Teams are expected to police the behavior of their members for the entire duration of the season at hand regardless of whether or not they are currently playing. Any subject behavior in the stands, after games or at any later date where OSSC  members are assembled will be subject to the same penalties. Understand that if any member of a team or person known to be associated directly with that team is ejected from the game or park for any violation or if a person is a constant source of controversy, THE ENTIRE TEAM MAY BE SUBJECT TO PENALTY.

Captains are expected to be the first line of prevention and expected to police their members. If you cannot control a person on or off the field, you are expected to remove them from the OSSC for the benefit of your team, fellow players, and for the good of the league. If not, your entire team will suffer penalties. No exceptions.



Kickball is a game that closely resembles slow pitch softball. The object of the game is to score more runs than the opposing team. The game is played with 10 fielders and lasts for 7 innings or 45 minutes, if 45 minutes is reached the game will end after the bottom of the inning being played. Captains are required to get their line-up in before actual game time. The clock starts at game time. A team can legally start with 8 players as long as they have at least 4 females. If a team does not have enough players to start, the opposing team is eligible to enforce a forfeit. If agreed to by the opposing captain the team may pick up 2 substitutes from another OSSC Kickball team as long as they are wearing their league t-shirt.  After the 10 minute period, a team with less than 8 players will forfeit their game unless the opposing team agrees to let them play with less. Teams are allowed to use the field for a friendly game if a forfeit is enforced. Should a team have less than the minimum 4 females, if the captain of the other team agrees and notes on the line up sheet as such, the game can be played without forfeit.  Two forfeits by any team during the season may result in league fines and possible refusal of future teams to participate in OSSC events.


Teams will consist of 10 fielders with a minimum of 4 females.  Kicking order “line-ups” for each team can contain 15 players, must be filled out prior to start of game.  Each team must hand in a scorecard at the end of the game.  Scorecards should be reviewed at the end of each inning in order to ensure accuracy and prevent discrepancies at games end. Scorecared will also be used as the attendance roster for playoff eligibiliy and must be handed into OSSC officials before the games start


 General Rules 

Games are considered official after 5 innings or 25 minutes if the game should be called before ending due to weather or other circumstances. 

Unlike baseball, there are no extra innings; the game can end in a tie. (If there is time remaining on the 45 minute clock and both captains agree to play one extra inning, it may be played, after one extra inning the game will end in a tie if the score is still tied.) 

There is a limit of 10 runs per inning except for the last inning. 

If a team leads by 10 runs or more after 5 innings the game will be declared over. 


Each game will be umpired by an OSSC official with a second outfield umpire provided by the kicking team. Either the captain or a designated player will be used to assist the OSSC umpire with close calls in the field only.  FAIR AND UNBIASED rulings are required and if there is issue the team will be penalized or disqualified.  \

OSSC Umpires will be responsible for starting the 45 minute game clock prior to the first pitch. 

During an umpired game, final rulings go to the umpire and calls can only be discussed by team captains with the umpire. 

Team Captains are required to hand in the team score sheet to the OSSC umpire after  the game. 



The pitcher shall take position in the pitcher’s area defined by cones. The pitcher must deliver the ball with one hand, releasing the top of the ball below his waist toward home plate. The pitcher must remain within the pitcher’s area until the ball is kicked. Any violation of the above will be called a ball. 

The strike zone is designated by a 1 foot extension on each side of home plate. Balls pitched too bouncy (top of the ball higher than the kicker’s knee) will be called an automatic “ball” by the umpire. However, if the kicking team decides to kick the ball, the ball will be live and is playable. 

Kickers with two strikes will be allowed one extra foul, a “courtesy foul”. The next foul after that will result in an automatic out. 



·         All kickers come to the plate with a 1 strike and 1 ball count. 

·         All kicks must be made by foot or leg. 

·         All kicks must be taken at or behind the home plate or a strike will be called. If the ball is kicked in front of home plate and the kick is caught `out' by a fielder the kicker is out. The ball is not a live ball and runners cannot advance or be called out. 

·         All players must kick the ball past the “live ball” line in front of the plate. If the ball does not make it outside the “live ball” line it is considered the same as a foul ball.

Kickers may not stop the ball with their foot and then kick it.



A strike is called when:

1. Any part of the ball enters any part of the strike zone and is kicked at and missed, or not kicked at.

2. Kicked into foul territory and not caught.

3. The ball is double-hit. (Kicker must make single contact with the ball). 

4. If a player kicks the ball ahead of home plate the first time will be a warning and a strike.

5. If a ball is stopped before crossing the live ball line it is considered the same as a foul ball.


A ball is called when:

1. The ball does not enter the strike zone and not struck by the kicker.

2. The ball is bounced over home plate above the kicker’s knee.

3. Or the pitch is deemed illegal.



A kicker is out when:

1. A third strike is called.

2. A kicker leaves the kicker’s area and attempts to kick the ball.

3. A kicker interferes with the catcher’s ability to make a play.

4. When a kicker steps over the plate a second time to kick the ball in the same at bat.

5. If a base runner is touched, tagged, or thrown out below the shoulders.  Head shots are not allowed and will not be called outs.  The exception to this is if the runner ducks into a ball.

6. If a base runner leaves a base before the ball is kicked.

7. Force outs similar to baseball/softball are considered outs. 



·         Runners must stay within the base line or will be considered out. 

·         Runners will be out if they are touched, tagged, or hit with the ball below the shoulder (unless they duck into a ball). 

·         Runners may only advance one base if an overthrow that goes past the foul line occurs.  Multiple base advancement is permitted for overthrows that occur in fair territory.

·         Base runners struck by a kicked ball while running to another base are out. 

·         An umpire being struck by a kicked ball is part of the field; therefore the ball is live and playable. 

·         There are no courtesy runners in kickball. If a runner is hurt or needs to come out, a normal substitution will need to be made for that player with the substitute kicking in the injured player’s position in the kicking order. The injured player will not be allowed to return to the game. 

·         No leading off or stealing. Runner can only advance after the ball is kicked. A runner off a base when the ball is kicked is out. 

·         Runners may Tag-Up after a kicked ball is caught by the defense to advance to the next base. 

·         Runners may overrun first base. (Must run to “safety base” in order to avoid contact with fielder.)  If the runner “makes the turn” toward 2nd base, the runner is now “live” and can be tagged out if he does not make it safely to a base. 

·         Running past another runner is not allowed. Any runner passed by another runner is out. 


Basic Game Rules 

The infield must have 2 males and 2 females - catcher does not count as a female infielder. 

A line-up cannot have 4 consecutive male kickers. 

If a male player is walked with a female player on deck the male player goes to second base and all base runners advance accordingly. 

Outfielders must position themselves behind the designated outfield line (advancement inside the “warning line” is not permitted until after the ball is kicked. Umpire will make this judgment if illegally positioned. Umpire will warn outfielders to move back if too close, the second offense will result in an automatic ball called by the home plate umpire. 

All defensive players must wait behind the fielder’s line (straight line between 1st and 3rd base) until the ball is kicked to move forward. The pitcher and all defensive players cannot charge the kicker until the ball has been kicked. Penalty: 1 warning per inning for the team, 2nd offense results in automatic single for batter and base runners advance accordingly. 

Defensive players must be given the opportunity to field the ball anywhere on the playing field. An offensive player or team member cannot impede, hinder or confuse a defensive player attempting to execute a play. When this interference occurs, the ball becomes dead and the player interfering will be called out. 

Fielders must stay out of the baseline except for fielding a kicked ball. Fielders may have their foot on the base but must lean out of the baseline. 

There is no infield fly rule in kickball.  Intentionally dropped balls (judgment by umpires) will result in a single and all base runners will advance accordingly. 

Home team will be responsible for keeping score on the game scoreboard. 

Basic rules of recreational baseball/softball are used to govern any general aspect not covered in the listed rules.

More General Rules 

All players in the game must be wearing a team OSSC T-shirt.  No exception to this rule, no T-shirt, no playing.   

If teams have 10 players they cannot pick up subs. 

Outside subs can be used if they sign the league and city waivers and also have a team shirt matching the team they are subbing for. 

All players must play at least 2 weeks of regular season games to be eligible for playoffs. 

Alcohol consumption is allowable on game nights within the area of Marcus Field as long as the following rules are adhered to, in addition to all federal, state, and local laws governing alcohol consumption.  

·         Must be 21 years of age.

·         Must be a legal member of an OSSC team.

·         Glass bottles of any sort are not allowed on Marcus Field property.  Cans and solo cups will be the only allowable containers during OSSC game nights.

·         Noticeable excessive intoxication will not be tolerated and individuals will be asked to leave the premises and may result in disciplinary actions toward the teams in which they are associated.

·         Drinking and driving is discouraged to and from game night. Please be responsible and designate a driver.

·         Cans and Solo Cups are allowable in the field of play for outfielders. 

·         Kicking team is only allowed to have alcohol in their designated bench areas. 

All trash and litter must be properly disposed of at the end of your game.  No team is allowed to leave trash, empties, or recycling behind in the bench area after their game.  All trash and litter must be disposed of in appropriate city provided trash containers at the field.  Failure to leave the park clean after game night will result in team discipline and possible league cancellations by the City of Olean. 

Games will be played rain or shine, in case of extreme weather cancellations the games will be made up the following Wednesday.    League website will have announcements made by 4pm in case of extreme weather. Team Captains will also be emailed at 4pm if there is a cancellation.

Don’t Forget!!!   Everyone is encouraged to head back to 3rd Base Bar and Grill after the games to socialize and enjoy food and drink special.



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